Looking Good Post Pregnancy…

There is nothing worse than giving birth to a beautiful baby and then…putting on maternity clothes!! Although it’s been a long time for me,  I clearly remember how frustrating and depressing that transition period was. The time from when you give birth, to the time you lose your pregnancy weight!!! So I would like to offer my advice on fashionably surviving your body’s transformation…

The most important step is going out and getting a sexy but perfect fitting SUPPORTIVE bra. I always refer clients to bra specialist for fittings. Most major department stores have these specialist’s available to you. Whether nursing or not the girls need a little extra attention at this stage! Your boobs have been through hell and back and need care in order to serve you well during your lifetime! Plus your clothes will look so much better on you! Please trust me on this one!

Now that we have addressed the boobs, let’s talk about what to wear over them and your still enlarged (not fat) belly…think looser but not maternity-like fitting tops. Tops that skim your curves and camouflage at the same time.

I also love tunic tops like this one.  They are comfy and you usually can find great prints and colors…

Now let’s talk bottoms…these can be tricky. The idea is you want to be able to have something that fits the tummy, but not overly baggy in the bum and the thighs. I traditionally do not love the way elastic waistlines look, but in this instance let elastic be your friend. I would definitely seek out leggings. I specifically love Lysse Leggings. They offer support and help suck everything in.

For those of you who are feeling good about your legs, show them off!

My number two (remember #1 is a great bra) ultimate recommendation to surviving post-pregnancy is DRESSES!  Dresses in general are my favorite, as they offer the ability to quickly (as a new mom you already know time is limited) throw something on and still look fabulous! There are also many silhouettes we can find in dresses that complement the post-baby body…

Here are some my favorites for those who don’t feel good about showing off their legs…

So many women who have put on extra weight, whether through pregnancy or not, or who just aren’t in love with their bodies tend to camouflage themselves through dark colors. Here is a way to add a P.O.C. (Pop Of Color)…*stylist tip-anytime you want to detract attention from a body part that you are not feeling good about then attract attention to a body part or an area you do like!*

Here is the other spectrum…for those of us who may not love our feet or legs or who are petite and want to create the illusion of being taller, then wear a nude shoe!!!!

Lastly, in order to keep yourself looking updated and pulled together  accessorize!!!!! It’s  another great way to draw attention away from areas that you don’t want eyes on…example, do not wear a long necklace that falls over the stomach if you are trying to hide that area…I also don’t recommend long necklaces  around a little baby. Anyway, instead opt for short, statement pieces that draw attention up around your face.

Bracelets are my favorite accessory and what I love is that there are so many comfortable expandable options out there that you can layer on and create your own signature look…

Aah, stretchy rings for those still swollen fingers, especially for summertime…

I hope this helps…I want you to love and appreciate this special time with your new baby and feel good enough about yourself to cherish every precious moment…

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