Looking Good; A Guide to Finding the Right Clothes for YOUR Body

Our bodies are all uniquely different that is what makes you, you! Unfortunately, the entertainment and fashion industry has us believing that the typical woman is perfectly proportioned at 5’8″, 120 pounds, and wearing a size 2.  I hope you all know that this is not true. Here’s the truth…the average height in this country is 5’4″, the average weight is 163, the percentage of women with the ideal hourglass figure is only 7%, 40% of women in this country are under 5’3″, 68% of women are overweight, and 43% are plus size, they wear a size 14 or more.  So now we know the average women is NOT perfectly proportioned and a size 2.

The most important factor in dressing your body is determining its shape and proportions.  You know those terms apple, ice cream cone, pear, etc.?  That’s what we are talking about here, although through my training with Stacy London I have learned comparing your body to food is not what we want to do. We just simply want to find your shape, understand it, learn how to dress problem areas, and accentuate and define your body to its greatest potential! Believe me there is actually a science to it.

So now you are going to determine your body’s shape…this is easy. You may choose to have a cocktail prior, if it makes you feel better. Now, in your underwear stand in front of a full length mirror. Look carefully at yourself starting with your shoulders are they broad, narrow, in proportion? Your chest large, small, average? Your waist? Is it very defined or not defined. Where do you carry most of your weight? Stomach, thighs, or tush? Look at your hips. Are they wider then your shoulders? Smaller? Or the same size?

Here are the different body types and the clothes that will work best for your body…

A Little Extra in the Middle (a.k.a Apple)- You carry the majority of your weight in your midsection and have thinner legs by comparison.

Tips for your body type;

DON’T accentuate your thinner legs with skinny pants and skirts. This will make your top half look even larger in comparison.

DO look for tops with structure and bottoms with more volume and flow.

MUST-HAVE: A one or two button fitted jacket with the stance that hits above the natural waistline and a flowy skirt or trouser.


Bigger on the Bottom (a.k.a Pear)-You have smaller shoulders and bigger tush and thighs.

DON’T wear tops too long and cover your tush.  You will appear shorter and wider.

DO look for structured tops that define your waistline, and that sit above the hips.

MUST HAVE a wider legged trouser, even one with a high waist.  A full-skirted dress that has a defined waist, like this one.


Busty- You have a larger chest.

DON’T accentuate the narrowness of your lower half by wearing a very narrow trouser or skirt-you will create more disproportion between your top and bottom halves, only making your chest look bigger.

DO create an overall streamlined look by adding a little volume to your lower half.

MUST HAVE’S: A fabulous bra that you have been professionally fitted for. An A-line skirt, a wrap dress, and a fitted blazer that locks and loads your chest.


Curvy (a.k.a Hourglass)-You are curvy all over and have a very defined waist.

DON’T wear low-rise items.

DO look for clothes that follow your natural curves and accent the narrowness of your waistline.

MUST HAVE’S: A high-waisted pencil skirt, a peplum top, and a wrap dress.


Not Curvy (a.k.a. Boyish)- No defined curves. Usually smaller chest and no tush.

DON’T attempt to wear clothing that doesn’t fit your chest or tush.

DO go for clothes that will add volume. Use belts to create waistlines.

MUST HAVE’S: Anything with Peplum’s…skirts, tops, dresses. Ruffle blouses and thin spaghetti strap dresses.


Overall Petite-5′ 4′ or less and slim

DON’T wear long hemlines or items with excessive fabric. You will look like you are drowning in your clothes.

DO wear former fitting pieces and keep hemlines proportionate.

MUST HAVE’S: Crop tops, bodycon or bandage form-fitting dresses.


Short Legs

DON’T wear skirts below your knees or cropped pants. They cut your legs in half only making your limbs look shorter.

DO wear short high-waisted skirts and long straight trousers. Both will give the appearance of a longer line.

MUST HAVE’S a high platform NUDE shoe. Nude shoe’s are stylist’s trick for creating longer looking legs as there is nothing cutting up the line of your leg. A shoe with a dark color will do that.


Short Torso

DON’T wear cropped tops or jackets.

DO wear items with undefined waists.

MUST HAVE’S: Flowy tunics, drop waisted dresses, and a boyfriend blazer.


I hope this brief style guides gets you on the right track to dressing your body.  I see so many women either shop all the time and have nothing to wear or never shop and therefore have no clothes simply due to their frustration with their bodies. My goal is to help women understand their shape, teach them how to shop, and have them loving their wardrobes simply because their clothes fit and flatter. If you need any help or have any questions feel free to contact me via my website http://www.lookinggoodandfeelinggood.com






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