I’m Fat, Fuck Off!!!

I'm Fat, Fuck Off!!!
The second I saw this guy, this t-shirt, I wanted to stand up and applaud!!! The message spoke volumes to me! How amazing to just have the ability to own who you are? How many of us can truly do that? So many women walk around feeling ashamed of themselves, hiding. I get it we all have body hang-ups..too fat, too thin, big thighs, big boobs, small boobs, too short, too tall, scaring, big ass, no ass, whatever…I get it!! In my business I work with countless women who battle with self-esteem and self-deprecating thoughts. That’s why I title myself as a Style “Therapist”, I transform how someone feels when they look in the mirror, the outside, ultimately transforming how they feel on the inside. How does that work??? By changing how we appear to ourselves, I’m not talking about diet, surgery, exercise, or camouflage (a term I use when women hide behind baggy clothes) here, I’m talking about learning how to accept who you are, where your body is right now! Learning how to emphasize areas you love about yourself, and de-emphasizing what you don’t! Believe it or not there is a science to it! Learning how to use your clothes to portray the image you want to give out to the world and how you want to be treated fosters self-esteem. It will ideally help you to change the way you perceive yourself. If you can see yourself differently, you will start to feel differently. When negative body feelings change, the negative thoughts change! It is empowering to be able to overcome that and see yourself as the smart, beautiful woman you are!!! Ok, so maybe you’re not going to wear I’m Fat, Fuck Off T-shirt but maybe you’ll strut your stuff in body hugging pencil skirt and feel fabulous about yourself!!!!

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