A Closet Full of Clothes and Nothing to Wear…

211809988695273078_795tTiLF_cWomen hate it, men are baffled by it, the phenomena of staring at your closet full of clothes and saying “I have nothing to wear”! How can that be? You’re closet is full, you have clothes that still have price tags on them , and if you are like the average woman you have accumulated thousands of dollars of clothes, shoes, and accessories, you have never even worn!

nothing-to-wear-295x295As a stylist and a wardrobe expert,  I constantly come across this remarkable occurrence with most clients who are everyday women like yourself. I believe I have pinpointed exactly what causes this and how to remedy it.


Most women, even though they would like to believe they do, don’t know how to shop, for many reasons. Here is a list of why…

  • They are compulsive or spontaneous.  They shop without a purpose, a plan, or restraint. Most women fall into this category, by the way.
  • Everyone loves a sale! Just because something is on sale doesn’t mean you should buy it! I don’t care if it was a $300 pair of jeans marked down to $25.00 because you had a coupon! The only way you should be buying anything is if it looks fabulous on you! NOT BECAUSE SOMETHING WAS ON SALE! Ok, if it does look fabulous and was on sale then go ahead and buy it!
  • Women suffer from ammensia…they forget they already bought that black t-shirt 20 times already.

Two other major factors that create a wardrobe that is over abundant and not being used to its potential is not recognizing the following…

  • Not knowing your style. Are you classic, conservative, trendy, modern, edgy, etc.?
  • Not knowing your body type…smaller on top bigger on bottom, bigger on top smaller on bottom, straight, etc. (I never compare a figure to a food item) and what clothes works well for that body type.

4 kroppstyper 72 dpiThen the obvious…

  • An extremely disorganized, over stuffed closet. How can you possibly see, create, and figure out what you have to work with? Going through your closet and deciding what to keep, what to toss or donate, and what just might need an alteration is imperative to have a well-functioning closet, as well as helping organizing it!
  • Having a closet full of clothes, shoes, and accessories, and not knowing how to utilize everything.  One of the many services I do with clients is shopping their closet. Helping them create outfits, teaching them to use an item multiple ways, creating look books with outfits we created as a reference guide, and ultimately giving them the confidence in finding “things to wear”.



Wishing you all the ability to no longer have “NOTHING TO WEAR”

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