Looking Good In Denim; A quick guide to finding the perfect pair

There Is nothing like a great fitting pair of denim. It transform the way your body looks more then any other piece of clothing in your wardrobe! I’ve seen jeans make someone 5 pounds slimmer and I have seen jeans make someone look 5-10 pounds heavier! Unfortunately though, for most women, shopping for jeans can be just as traumatic as shopping for a bathing suit! There are so many different cuts, colors, and types of denim out there, when working with clients I warn them that sometimes it takes a lot of trying on before we find the perfect pair! So be prepared when you shop, don’t give up if you haven’t found the perfect pair after putting on 2 or 3 different syles! One piece of advice, I highly recommend, is to shop where there are knowledgable, helpful, salespeople who really know their merchandise. I personally prefer small boutiques, you will find great service and most likely an already edited down selection of merchandise based on their experience with great fit and styles.

Denim for the girl with no booty…Hudson’s are known for their signature back flap pocket that will give the illusion of a bigger tush!

No Booty

Denim for the curvy girl…


Denim For the girl with a little tummy…for this girl a higher rise works best. I also love a tucked in shirt that blouses out to conceal the stomach!

A Little Tummy

Tall and athletic…

Tall and Athletic

Plus size…


Petite and Slender…

Petite and Slender

The 5 most unvirsally flattering denim out there. I am obssesed with the AG Stilt! It looks great on most body types and is the perfect ankle length for the average height woman. No need for shortening. But it unversally works well on the petite girl due to the shorter length! Also the AG Prima is fabulous for every body type as it has the perfect amount of stretch and a little bit of a higher rise. I feel everyone should own the Gap Sexy Boyfirend jean this season. The boyfriend jean is a huge trend and works well on all body types! The Hudson Collin Skinny, a favorite due to it’s slightly higher rise and bum flattering pockets! Lastly, a denim line that has been around forever, Levi’s, I have never seen a woman look bad in these!


The task of finding the perfect fitting denim can be daunting, but don’t give up I promise there is the perfect fitting pair for you out there!



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