Closet Cleansing

closet cleansing
One of the biggest obstacles people face when it comes to their wardrobe is feeling overwhelmed by their closet and thinking they have “nothing to wear”. My first, and most recommended step when working with clients is doing a closet cleanse. The opportunity to have someone go through your entire closet and make decisions on what items to keep based on criteria that include fit (sometimes items just need to be tailored or tossed), condition, lifestyle, and being current. Then we decide what to cleanse! I like recycling so I will recommend finding new homes for old pieces at your favorite charity, consignment shop, or eBay! Then part of cleansing should be organizing! I work with clients so that they can see everything in their closet. Arranging items by color and season! In doing all this you can clearly see the holes or gaps in your wardrobe which will make clothes shopping more efficient. You will no longer buy the same white t-shirt for the 100th time because now you will know what”s in your closet!

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