Fashion Rule #4 That Was Meant To Be Broken…Match Your Handbag To Your Shoes and/or Belt!

Fashion Rule #4 that was meant to be broken…having your handbag match your shoes and/or your belt! Matchy, matchy is no longer in. Too predictable, frankly too boring! Liven it! Be adventurous! Add interest to your outfit by trying a bag that is in a color completely opposite from your other accessories, but that compliments, or vice versa!


Fashion Rule #3 That Was Meant To Be Broken….Don’t Mix Prints!

Fashion rule #3 that was meant to be broken….don’t mix prints and patterns! Well if you want to look seriously stylish then I suggest you do. But be warned it has to be done right, if not it might look like something my daughter would have pulled together when she was three (the tie dye dress and leopard tights, specifically).
So here are some things you should know….stripes are a neutral they can be paired with anything! Stripes and polka dots do go together like milk and cookies! Lastly, always make sure there is a common color in each pattern, same color scheme, different prints! I hope this helps, if you’re apprehensive start small like a striped shirt and a leopard belt or shoe!


Fashion Rule #2 That Was Meant To Be Broken…Don’t Wear Navy and Black Together!

In fact pleasd do! Although wearing black and navy together was long thought to be a fashion no-no, it is much more accepted today. In fact, many fashion critics contend that black and navy blue match because they are both neutrals. There is no fashion law against wearing black and navy together. In fact, as of recently, the fashion trends are leaning toward pairing the two dark colors together. One thing to consider when pairing two neutrals, especially two dark neutrals together, is adding a bright color to liven up the outfit. Adding a bright pink or red necklace or bracelet can really wake up a neutral outfit. Another fun way to add some color to a black and/or navy outfit is to add some brightly colored pumps!image

Fashion Rules That Were Meant To Be Broken; Not Wearing More Than One Metal At A Time

Over the course of the next week I will be sharing with you at least 7 fashion rules that are archaic and outdated! The fashion world has evolved greatly and rules have changed! So stay tuned!

First rule, wearing one metal at a time! Go ahead and mix your golds and silvers! They are neutrals, they do not clash! In fact they compliment each other. Don’t just think jewelry, think across the board and include clothes, handbags, shoes, and belts!image

Date Night: Fancy Restaurant or A Drive In Movie?

Date Night: Fancy Restaurant or A Drive In Movie?

Date Night: Fancy Resteraunt or A Drive In Movie?

Date Night: Fancy Resteraunt or A Drive In Movie?

Tropical Expedition

Tropical Expedition


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Packing For Vacation

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