Dreaming Of Paris

Dreaming Of Paris

Like Father, Like Daughter…


As a teenager my bedroom was adorned with posters of the one and only Mick Jagger! Admittedly, I still have a thing for him…not exactly sure what it is? He’s not exactly handsome? Maybe it’s his lips? Now decades later his youngest Georgia May, has made a name for herself as a high fashion model. She has graced many catwalks and has done campaign ads for Rimmel, Versace, Chanel, and Hudson Jeans (one of my favorite denim lines!). An impressive résumé despite her gaped tooth smile (a.k.a. Diastema, ok I know the technical term, I have a dental background). In our society of gleaming white, cosmetically enhanced teeth it’s nice to see someone who isn’t cookie cutter perfect be accepted as beautiful!


Yes that is my collection of Hudson Jeans!

Sweatshirts and Sweatpants Get Dressed Up

I don’t know about you, but I’m loving the whole sweatshirt/sweatpant trend! An awesome way to be cozy, comfortable, and cute! But remember it’s not about those big oversized ones advertising your favorite vacation spot, football team, holiday, or cartoon charcater! Keep it looking good by staying with appropriate proportions, pairing with richer items (like leather and great shoes) and choosing something with a little whimsy, but not too much!

Sweatshirts and Sweatpants Get Dressed Up

The Orphans Arms crop shirt
$31 – youngbritishdesigners.com

H M embroidered sweater
$47 – hm.com

H M cotton shirt
$31 – hm.com


H M black zipper skirt
$110 – hm.com

H m sweatpant
$31 – hm.com

Casadei platform pumps
$1,390 – harrods.com

H&M black earrings
$20 – hm.com

H M necklace
$12 – hm.com

Fall Trend 2013; Leather and Vegan Leather

To me there is nothing like a great jacket! Especially, a leather or vegan jacket! It truly can amp up any look! As you can see I’m obsessed, yes those are all mine! Which makes me so happy to say that anything leather is so big for Fall 2013! So go out and find a piece that brings you as much joy as mine do! Pair with anything from dresses, pencil skirts, denim, or trousers!

Besides jackets you can also opt for a great pair of leather or vegan pants! I love mine they are a ponte and leather mix! Or be adventurous and try a head turning skirt! Either way you can’t go wrong!


Menswear Inspired Fashion

Alright, I confess I’ve been known to borrow, alright steal, from mens closets! It all started way back when with an ex-boyfriends flannel shirt and lead to cable sweaters, jackets, chunky watches, jeans, and white button-ups, to name a few (oh yeah, and a rock t-shirt or two)! I guess that why I’m so excited to say menswear inspired fashion is so big for this Fall! Alright, it might remind you of an ex or two but go ahead and get inspired by that well dressed man in your life! Shop your guys closet for an updated look (this statememnt comes with a disclaimer though! ONLY IF HE HAS STYLE!). Think pinstripes, plaids, blazers, oxfords, oversized watches, smoking slippers, tailored trousers, and fedoras, but styled with a chic, feminine twist.

Menswear Inspired Fashion

Fall Trend Must; Animal Prints

I don’t know about you, but I feel as if Fall is right around the corner! Especially since my textbook size Fall editions of my favorite magazines have been arriving daily (my poor mail lady)! My favorite thing about Fall is the unveiling off all the latest fashion trends! So over the course of this week I’ll be sharing some of favorites with you! First up, Animal Prints! Most of these items are personally mine so as you can see I love animal prints! The best way to add this to your wardrobe is to think less is more! One animal at a time! When working with animal-phobic clients I recommend starting small. My #1 recommendations typically are a hair-calf leopard print skinny belt, a cheetah print scarf, a snake print clutch, or any other accessory and then work your way up with larger items! Animal print always adds fun, style, and a bit of sophistication to any look!


In Memory of Alex

In Memory of Alex

I was so saddened and devastated to learn of the passing of my friend, my mentor Alex! A beauty, a fighter, a warrior, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend! In honor of her I want to remind everyone to go after makes you happy, and always laugh, live, and love passionately! Lastly, please remember to feel your boobies and have a mammogram! Breast Cancer does not discriminate!

Style Inspiration Board For Client

Case history of a client; 36-year-old female, 4’11”, wears a size Petite 0, single, works in a corporate office. After doing a closet edit found that this client had a closet that was loaded with clothes from her 20’s and clothes that didn’t reflect the person she is…a beautiful, sophisticated woman who is looking to move up in the corporate world, and meet a man/potential husband! Her wardrobe wasn’t allowing her to feel confident and good about herself! She was often being mistaken as a “young girl”! So we are going shopping! We created a list and an inspiration board! Something I highly recommend when stuck in not knowing what your style is and what is you really want or need! LASTLY, when in doubt hire a wardrobe consultant!


Style Inspiration Board or Client

Fashion Rule #6 That Was Meant To Be Broken…Sequins Are Just For Evening!

Good news glitzy girls! Sequins are no longer just creatures of the night, they have made full on acceptance into the light of day, even for the office! But here are some tips…Tone it down, don’t breeze into the office looking like Ru Paul decked out in head to toe sequins. Try a lightly sequined top with a classic pencil skirt. Pair with something casual, like an all over sequined top with ripped jeans or cut-offs. Or a sequined skirt with a white t-shirt or this seasons big trend, a sweatshirt! Less is more when wearing sequins, so lighten up the make-up and the jewelry! Lastly, own it!
Embrace the sequin trend unapologetically and shine on!