Retro Inspired Look

Are you in a fashion rut? Or have a hard time shopping or figuring out your style? Then here’s some advice…find inspiration from things you are attracted to. Home decor, a painting, an era, a magazine ad, someone else’s style, etc. When working with clients I encourage them to figure this out by making a mood board with pictures…whether from magazines or their phone, or using Pinterest. Look to see if there is always a color or a style you are attracted to….shades of blue, or red?….or modern, classic, vintage, or casual? In my photo my look was inspired by my obsession and attraction to vintage trailers….I love the retro shades of pastels, and the floral patterns! So take what you love and turn into something you can wear! xo Robin

Retro Inspired Look

Topshop blouse

Vegan purse

Items To Get You Over The Hump…

Items To Get You Over The Hump...

Oasis ruching dress
$47 –

Forever 21 scarve

Music Festival Style

It’s that time of year again, 3 more days until the start of Coachella! Whether attending or not, let the fashions of this renowned music festival inspire the free spirit in you! Much like the days of Woodstock, everything and anything goes! Think bohemian, flower child, or hippie. Here are some looks that are music festival worthy…

Here’s a list of Ten Things You Should Have at a Music Festival..

1. Comfortable Shoes- Anything that can withstand hours of being on your feet and walking.
2. Band-Aids- For the blisters that might occur
3. Alcoholic Beverages- Be prepared with your own liquid refreshments!
4. H2O- For when you become dehydrated from drinking too many alcoholic beverages (C2H5OH)
5. Hand Sanitizer- You won’t have the opportunity to wash up!
6. Cash- For those incidentals.
7. Sunscreen- The sun is blaring at Coachella, you’ll need to protect your skin!
8. Camera- So many photo ops await you! Don’t rely on your phone…you’ll burn through your battery and the quality will be so much better.
9. Hat- Protect yourself from the sun and have a way to conceal bad hair after a long day of us, sweat, and frizz!
10. A Towel!- a must this will serve as a place to sit, a blanket when the sun sets, and something to wipe your sweat when temps soar into the 100’s!