My Stitch Fix Experience…

I don’t know if you heard about the latest phenomenon of subscription online shopping? A box arrives at your home filled with anything from wines, to treats for furry friends, beauty products, and now clothing picked out just for you by a “personal stylist”? I already subscribe to most of these. Being someone who is busy it’s all about the convienence for me. Of course this peeked my interest, I’m a personal stylist! I wanted to know how this worked, and was this a potential replacement for the services I offer?! I will take you through my own experience.

First, you go to the company’s website were you fill out information such as age, height, weight, breast size, clothing sizes, etc.. You are then asked specific feelings or thoughts based on style. Here is my own personal profiLe…





As you can see, according to the profile, my style is Boho Chic, Edgy, and Casual Chic. Certainly not a preppy or classic girl by the looks of how I answered? Just a tidbit for you “pinners” Stitch Fix allows you the opportunity to direct your stylist to any Pinterest boards you might have! Which I did as I’m an avid pinner!
So now what!? Now you can schedule the delivery of the 5 items (either clothing or accessories) your stylist will choose for you! It’s a fee of $20, which gets credited towards any items you might keep! You also have the opportunity at this point to do a monthly subscription. I opted on a one time shipment as I truly was just curious and wanted to see what the buzz was about!
An exact 8 days later arrives my box..

First item, an elephant print blouse. Was it the elephants that qualified it as edgy or bohemian or maybe the silhouette!? Wasn’t getting it but I remained open and tried it on. It was swimming on me despite being my usual size XS? Definitely going back, in my world fit is everything!

By the way, each item has a card showing you two different ways to wear the garment. This is based on a great premise. But one simple factor, you most likely don’t own the other pieces to style your new wonderful garment with!? When I work with clients I do a similar thing where I photograph and create a look book of outfits that I have created from their actual closets…

Next item a frumpy v-neck top! I simply hated this! It was so utterly conservative and a far cry from bohemian or edgy!

I proceeded on to the next piece. Looking at it on the card I was hopeful. A cool flowy cardigan in grey. Well the garment looked much different in person. It was a badly marled, black and white number! I was not excited anymore, the picture made it look so much nicer. But I tried it on! Once again a horrible fit, oversized and shapeless…which I did answer that I liked my garments more fitted in my style profile? Hmmm?

Stripes to me, don’t fall in the realm of edgy, bohemian, or stepping out of your box (which they do ask if you’re willing to do that). So the next item got two thumbs down!


Final item, a distressed pair of boyfriend jeans! Being a denim connoisseur and already disappointed by everything else, I was reluctant to even try these on, but I did! Woohoo! Something I liked! A good fit and an extremely reasonable price! I might keep these!


Ok, so Stitch Fix was not my wardrobe fix. My “stylist” was clearly way off base. I feel my preferences were ignored and I am doubtful my Pinterest style boards were viewed!? I can’t see where the “personal styling” comes in? I will say Stitch Fix does state the following…”Better Over Time. The more feedback you give your stylist, the better they are at finding clothes you’ll love.” Perhaps that’s true but I would never tell my clients the more I shop for you, the better I’ll get! I want to get it right the first time! You’re getting what you paid for, $20 worth of personal styling? “In my mind Stitch Fix is a novelty service based off connivence and the excitement of receiving your monthly fix.

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  1. What a bummer! I subscribed to Birchbox about four months ago and LOVE it. I’m always excited to receive my box and I haven’t been disappointed once! I was looking forward to finding a similar company for clothes but I guess I’ll stay away from Stitch Fix. The elephant blouse is definitely NOT Boho Chic, Edgy, or Casual Chic?! I don’t get it either. I’m looking forward to checking back to see if you find a different company you like better. For now, have you tried Birchbox? Feel free to check out my blog to see all of the great products I received last month!

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