Swimsuits That Will Give You Confidence

It’s been proven that the most anxiety producing clothing item a woman can shop for is a swimsuit!! Not many women take comfort in buying a garment that has them parading around in public half naked with nothing to hide behind unless they choose to wear a muu-muu? In order to build confidence and feel good about the way you look, it is important to learn what will flatter your body to its fullest potential! Here are my swimsuit picks for common body concerns…

Conceal a large chest- Look for swimsuits that have built in bras, underwire, and adjustable straps. Try a two-Piece suit that you can purchase in your actual bra size, it will actually give you a custom fit that you need. So many companies are doing this now! You want the girls well supported and not sagging, overflowing, spilling, or bulging!



Enhance a small chest- Choose anything that adds volume…ruffles, fringe, padding! Stay away from triangle string bikinis!


Conceal a tummy- If you haven’t thought about ever trying a two-piece, now is the time! High-Waisted two-piece swimwear is all the rage and is a perfect swimsuit choice for those who are looking to hide a belly! Or try one-piece swimsuits with ruching detail, ruching works miracles! Plus, anything that is lighter on top and darker at the mid-section will divert the
eye up and take attention away from your mid-section!


Create a waist- Look for swimsuits with color blocking, and defined definition at the waist! Bikinis are not ideal, but a tight fitted ruched tankini will work!


Elongate short legs- ok, so this is were less is more! Think of the signature Baywatch babe red swimsuit, with the super high cut legs! You want to stay away from heavy fabric on the hip and thigh area! No swim skirts for you ladies!!!!


Here’s to Looking Good and feeling good on the beach!
xo Robin

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