8 Summer Must-Have’s That Will Have Your Girls Looking Good

The greatest piece of advice I can offer a woman about looking good is having the right undergarments! Especially well-fitting and garment appropriate bras! Now, that the warmer temperatures have arrived and we’re wearing less the girls are more visible. Your bra is crucial! Making sure you have the following will keep the girls sitting high, and allow for a flattering silhouette!

8 Summer Undergarment Must-Haves:
1. The Perfect T-Shirt Bra- The fit is so essential here! A t-shirt bra needs to hold your boobs high, as all your bras should, not show any spillage, and be nude in color!
2. A Racerback Bra- Summertime usually means tanks tops. Therefore a Racerback should be an essential!
3. Lingerie Tape- Great for button down tops that have an area that needs closure. Or holding bra straps in place!
4. A Strapper- A great invention that can convert a traditional bra into a Racerback or prevent falling straps!
5. Pasties- For those who can go braless!!! Covers up the nipples!
6. A Bralette- I recommend these all the time for under sheer tops!
7. A Backless Bra- these are awesome for tops or dresses that are cut low in the back!
8. A Bandeau- For those times when you put something on, lift your arm, and see your bra!


8 Summer Must Have That Will Have Your Girls Looking Good

Halter top

Hanky Panky bandeau bra
$65 – harrods.com

Dress Lingerie Tape

Halter top

Rive Gauche

Breast Petals

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