Affordable, Stylish, Eyewear…

Last year one of my fabulous clients introduced me to Warby Parker…a revolutionary eyewear store that offers designer quality eyewear at ridiculously affordable prices! And if that isn’t enough for every pair of glasses purchased a pair is given to someone in need! What’s not to love? Best part is for someone like me who has no time…Warby Parker offers an at home try-on service! It’s so simple, you go online choose 5 frames to try out! You can narrow down your choices by material, width of your face, color, or frame shape! Then a cute box will arrive in your mailbox in just a few days with your selections…model them for friends and family…decide which ones make you look good, and feel good…find your selection online upload a photo of your script and in one week you’ll have your new frames! Know Warby Parker frames range from $95-$145 for a single prescription frame and lens! An amazing company! Read more about them here…

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