Throwback Thursday Fashion


I’m a lover of anything vintage, from cars, wine, jewelry, home decor and clothing…besides the nostalgia I appreciate the craftsmanship we no longer see in newer, modern items…I spend a lot of my time scouring vintage stores, flea markets, and thrift shops to score particulars from another era!
Obviously as a fashion stylist I search for pieces to add and mix into the modern wardrobe, both for myself and my clients! Here are some that represent the groovy 70’s….which, by the way is a trend we are seeing in present fashion.
The blouse…who remembers Gunne Sax? Well as soon as I saw it I went back to my early teen years! This one I found in a Salvation Army for $3.99! The leather jacket…which is a beautiful shade of forest green, has a gorgeous silk lining, and is an Italian leather…I found it at a flea market in my favorite Hippie town, Woodstock, NY and paid $10! The suede fringe boho bag a great find from a Texas vintage shop! I paid $24 for her! The ankle Frye boots…well let’s say Frye has been around for 150 years! Lastly my wide leg Hudson jeans…well these are new…but look so authentically 70’s! So there’s a little throwback for this Thursday!
xo Robin