8 Summer Must-Have’s That Will Have Your Girls Looking Good

The greatest piece of advice I can offer a woman about looking good is having the right undergarments! Especially well-fitting and garment appropriate bras! Now, that the warmer temperatures have arrived and we’re wearing less the girls are more visible. Your bra is crucial! Making sure you have the following will keep the girls sitting high, and allow for a flattering silhouette!

8 Summer Undergarment Must-Haves:
1. The Perfect T-Shirt Bra- The fit is so essential here! A t-shirt bra needs to hold your boobs high, as all your bras should, not show any spillage, and be nude in color!
2. A Racerback Bra- Summertime usually means tanks tops. Therefore a Racerback should be an essential!
3. Lingerie Tape- Great for button down tops that have an area that needs closure. Or holding bra straps in place!
4. A Strapper- A great invention that can convert a traditional bra into a Racerback or prevent falling straps!
5. Pasties- For those who can go braless!!! Covers up the nipples!
6. A Bralette- I recommend these all the time for under sheer tops!
7. A Backless Bra- these are awesome for tops or dresses that are cut low in the back!
8. A Bandeau- For those times when you put something on, lift your arm, and see your bra!


8 Summer Must Have That Will Have Your Girls Looking Good

Halter top

Hanky Panky bandeau bra
$65 – harrods.com

Dress Lingerie Tape

Halter top

Rive Gauche

Breast Petals

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her…

Alright fellas grab your pen or pencil…Valentine’s Day is officially 9 days away and if you haven’t bought her a gift yet you’re going to need to take notes, especially if you want to get it right this year!
So here are my picks for making your special lady feel good and look good…
1. Sexy Lingerie- Whether it be a sexy ensemble or a months worth of panties that will have you paying more attention to her, know that there is nothing more romantic for a girl to know that her guy chose lingerie just for her! This is an opportunity to show her what YOU like!
2. A Luxurious Scarf- You know the kind you would probably be appalled over knowing how much money she spent on it! Loving this Alexander McQueen one!
3. A Great Pair Of Shades- Women love their sunglasses but are often afraid to spend money on a pair (they rather invest in shoes)! So a great, practical gift choice!
4. A Monogramed Piece of Jewelry- Choose a bracelet, necklace, ring, or earrings! A piece of jewelry that she can wear everyday and think of you!
5. Lipstick- She’ll be impressed with this one…the thought of you at a make-up counter? But choose a higher end brand she wouldn’t necessarily buy for herself. My recommendation Chanel in a great red or kissable pink!
6. A Splurge Handbag- That’s if she doesn’t already have one! This red Kate Spade, to me, is a bag you can’t go wrong with. It’s one that won’t sit in her closet and collect dust!
7. A Watch- Whether you choose a classic or something like this fun pink one, know that a watch makes a perfect gift!
8. An Everyday Pair Of Earrings- Like these adorable Kate Spade heart studs. Or go for the gusto and get her diamonds…
9. Perfume- The cliché Valentine’s Day gift… But I love this Musc (no that’s not a misspelling) Oil by Narciso Rodriguez! It will make her smell irresistible!
10. SHOES!- To me, it is the ultimate gift…what woman doesn’t love a new pair of shoes??? If she’s a classic type of gal then the rosebud Prada flats are a good choice, or if she’s a casual type of girl then the Tom’s pink crochet slip ons are perfect, and lastly if she has an appreciation for stilettos then these Valentino lace peep-toes will have her swooning…my personal favorite!
11. An At Home Spa Treatment Given By You- Start with a rose petal foot bath and then pull out all the stops by treating her to a candlelit pedicure given by no one other than yourself! I promise you she will be putty in your hands!
12. A Va Va Voom Red Dress- Buy her a dress that you would love to see her in…I am a fan of anything body hugging no matter what her shape or size, like this Hervé Léger bandage dress!
So there you have it boys a full proof gift list that will guarantee to have your girl be a happy looking good and feeling good valentine!
xo Robin

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Her...

Spring Wardrobe Essentials

When working with clients my job is to help them build a wardrobe that is complete and multi-functional. Finding pieces that are essential to creating the perfect closet! So here is a list to help you create the perfect wardrobe for this Spring…Spring Wardrobe Essentials;
A denim jacket: Looks great with a skirt, or over a dress.
A well fitted blazer to dress up a simple white t-shirt and distressed jeans!
A white t-shirt: Everyone should own a few, at least.
A chambray or denim button down shirt: Great for pairing with a skirt, a dress, or as a layering piece on those cooler Spring days.
A pencil skirt: Especially in a fabulous color! Pencil skirts are universally flattering on most body types and can be dressed up or dressed down!
Distressed Jeans: Distressed denim is so in this year! It will make you look current and relevent.
A great fitting dress: Not in black! I particularly love this off-white, curve hugging one! An easy dress to wear to a spring event or on a hot date!
A cardigan: Especially in a vibrant color or two! It can be layered over a basic tee, paired with a pencil skirt, or used to wear over a dress!
A basic trench coat: Will make you look stylish and pulled together on those rainy days!
The perfect fitting t-shirt bra: A wardrobe must! There is nothing worse than a bra that does not fit well or shows lumps and bumps. So my advice go for a professional fitting and find the best support you can!
No line panties: I personally love a lace thong.
A cross body bag: So on trend this season, especially in a fun color. To me a cross body is essential, allows me to shop hands-free!
Lastly, a nude shoe: An absolute must! A nude shoe goes with everything! It will also make your legs appear longer!

Don’t be afraid to experiment and be creative…your wardrobe is an expression of who you are. So have fun and enjoy the warmer weather, blooming flowers, and all the fabulous fashion that awaits you!

Spring Wardrobe Essentials


Trench coat

H M h m
$45 – hm.com

H M h m
$38 – hm.com

Paige Denim distressed skinny jeans
$385 – brownsfashion.com

Hanky panky

Christian Louboutin wedge heels

Seychelles sandals

Looking Good While Giving Back

I have a love/hate relationship with the pink ribbon…12 years ago, at the age of 33 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I found the lump myself while breastfeeding my baby daughter. I knew right away what I felt was not “normal”, it felt like a marble under my skin. I immediately called my Ob/Gyn who sent me off that evening to the radiologist’s office for a mammogram and breast ultrasound. I waited in the office for the radiologist to read my results. I will never forget that moment…he called me into a small room, almost like a closet, with no chairs, just an x-ray view box which he put my films on and pointed out a small white “mass”. He said verbatim “we are seeing something on both the mammo and ultrasound, but you are too young for it to be cancer, so it’s most likely a clogged or infected milk duct. I am going to send you home and have you schedule an appointment in one month, if it’s still present I’ll stick a needle in it to biopsy”! Well needless to say my Ob/Gyn, being the amazing Dr. she is, was not having that. The next morning I was in a Surgeons office he “stuck a needle in” and the needle bent, he couldn’t even get a sample to biopsy. A week later I was on an operating room table and woke up to the news I have Breast Cancer. After aggressive chemotherapy, radiation, and 10 surgeries I am happy to say I am alive!!!!
After my diagnosis, I found the Young Survival Coalition(YSC). An organization that dedicates itself to rasing awareness of the incidence of breast cancer in young women. Through YSC I meet so many women who had similar stories,who were told they were “too young” to have Breast Cancer, sadly most of those women are no longer here to share their stories. Their cancer’s were found in advanced stages. Most doctor’s and insurance companies recommend Breast Cancer screening starting at 40? Which, I can go on and on about…I guess I’m writing this to share that cancer, whether it be breast or any other kind of cancer, does not discriminate against, age, sex, lifestyle, etc. Always be your bodies best advocate. Trust yourself, and don’t be scared when things don’t feel right, and know that sometimes Dr.’s don’t always know everything…subsequently the Doogie Howser doc that misguided me had the opportunity to have a face-to-face with me in his closet where words like, f****** and dumb**** were used.
I have picked out some of my favorite items that will give back to some fabulous organizations like the YSC! By the way I own both of those Oakley sunglasses and I love them! So shop, look good, and support the cause!

Looking Good While Giving Back