Looking Good, Packing Light

Heading off for a two-day business trip (I don”t work a traditional job so my clothes aren’t typical business attire). I travel a lot and have become the expert packer…I have it down to a science! When traveling leggings are a no-brainer, lightweight, wrinkle-free (I hate ironing). Of course I opt for ones with interest! Here I have chosen a pair of edgier ones and a pair of feminine floral ones! I like to pair the unexpected with the unexpected…like the KISS shirt with the feminine floral leggings and the pretty PEPLUM with the rocker bottoms! I rely on comfy shoes for running through the airport, especially when I have connecting flights! The Ash wedge sneakers are the ultimate in comfort! Versatile and interchangeable jackets and sweaters are a must, I always travel with a denim jacket! Lastly, flying dehydrates the skin and using hotel soaps even makes it worse. So my favorite make-up remover and cleanser is the Josie Maran Bear-Naked wipes! Love these and easy to pack!
Here’s to looking good and feeling good when traveling!

Looking Good, Packing Light

H M sleeveless top
$30 – hm.com

H m
$45 – hm.com

H M denim jacket
$38 – hm.com

H&M patterned pants
$12 – hm.com

H&M platform heel boots
$53 – hm.com

Tumi luggage
$740 – farfetch.com

J Crew j crew

Josie maran

Looking Good While Giving Back

I have a love/hate relationship with the pink ribbon…12 years ago, at the age of 33 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I found the lump myself while breastfeeding my baby daughter. I knew right away what I felt was not “normal”, it felt like a marble under my skin. I immediately called my Ob/Gyn who sent me off that evening to the radiologist’s office for a mammogram and breast ultrasound. I waited in the office for the radiologist to read my results. I will never forget that moment…he called me into a small room, almost like a closet, with no chairs, just an x-ray view box which he put my films on and pointed out a small white “mass”. He said verbatim “we are seeing something on both the mammo and ultrasound, but you are too young for it to be cancer, so it’s most likely a clogged or infected milk duct. I am going to send you home and have you schedule an appointment in one month, if it’s still present I’ll stick a needle in it to biopsy”! Well needless to say my Ob/Gyn, being the amazing Dr. she is, was not having that. The next morning I was in a Surgeons office he “stuck a needle in” and the needle bent, he couldn’t even get a sample to biopsy. A week later I was on an operating room table and woke up to the news I have Breast Cancer. After aggressive chemotherapy, radiation, and 10 surgeries I am happy to say I am alive!!!!
After my diagnosis, I found the Young Survival Coalition(YSC). An organization that dedicates itself to rasing awareness of the incidence of breast cancer in young women. Through YSC I meet so many women who had similar stories,who were told they were “too young” to have Breast Cancer, sadly most of those women are no longer here to share their stories. Their cancer’s were found in advanced stages. Most doctor’s and insurance companies recommend Breast Cancer screening starting at 40? Which, I can go on and on about…I guess I’m writing this to share that cancer, whether it be breast or any other kind of cancer, does not discriminate against, age, sex, lifestyle, etc. Always be your bodies best advocate. Trust yourself, and don’t be scared when things don’t feel right, and know that sometimes Dr.’s don’t always know everything…subsequently the Doogie Howser doc that misguided me had the opportunity to have a face-to-face with me in his closet where words like, f****** and dumb**** were used.
I have picked out some of my favorite items that will give back to some fabulous organizations like the YSC! By the way I own both of those Oakley sunglasses and I love them! So shop, look good, and support the cause!

Looking Good While Giving Back

The Best of Fall

As the air gets a little crisper, the apples are fully visible on the trees, and when the September issue of Vogue arrives it means, to me, the fall fashion season has officially begun. This fall is filled with so many great trends! Here is The best of Fall so far… oxblood, gold, leather, motorcycle jackets, fitted blazers, lace, cap toed shoes, animal print, dark lips, and peplums to name just a few!

The Best of Fall