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A Man’s Night Out…

A Man's Night Out...

Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Your Guy!

Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away. Have you thought about what to get that special someone in your life yet? Well here are some suggestions… These are gifts to have him looking good….
1. Custom Fitted Levi’s- this gift will be sure to have him feeling spoiled! That’s right the denim legend that is known for having a mans butt looking its best has the ability to tailor a pair to your guys exact measurements for the perfect fit!
2. Matching His and Hers Infinity Bracelets- A cool bracelet to profess your love to one another.
3. A Vintage Rock T-Shirt- Take him back in time to his rocker days!
4. A Vintage Belt Buckle- Give him a little more style with a great belt buckle exhibiting his love for a band, hobby, car, or anything you know he has interest in! These are so nostalgic and a great start to a fun collection!
5. Soft Cotton Baseball Tee- He’ll love the softness of this Alternative apparel shirt. It will become his favorite!
6. Red Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs- Need I say more?
7. Red Hi-Top Converse- A great gift for the guy who likes his sneakers! He’ll think of you every time he wears them!
8. Tie- Pick out a beautiful tie he’ll wear to all his important occasions.
9. Oakley Sunglasses- A great gift. These are cool and polarized! Plus they have an amazing lifetime warranty on them…you know when he accidentally sits on them or drops them!
10. A Cool Watch- Every man needs a cool watch!
11. A Blazer- A requirement for every man, so why not buy him one?
12. A Cool Ring- This King Baby ring is perfect for the edgier guy.
13. A Gym Bag- A great bag that doesn’t advertise a team or sports brand will give him a little more style!
14. A Gift Certificate For Manscaping- Something some guys just need a little push to do so why not help him out?
15. Cozy Weekend Lounge Pants- Especially ones you can borrow!
16. A Great Shaving Kit- I love this Popeye Shaving kit! It’s adorable and smells yummy!
17. A Banner- to tell him you “love the shit outta of him”!
And when all else fails surprise him with his name forever printed on your body…
Xo Robin

Valentine's Gift Ideas for Your Guy!

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