A Man’s Fashion Disaster…and How To Remedy It!


A weekend away opened my eyes to just how badly MOST men dress! Jeans that bagged and sagged, white athletic shoes, that in my opinion should only be worn in the gym! I’m not against a fun, fashion sneaker but I was swimming in a sea of white sneakers! And JORTS (not quite jeans, not quite shorts) I don’t care who you are, these do not look good on anyone! They cut you in half and make you look short and stubby!! I won’t mention the array of horrible, also Ill fitting, t-shirts I spotted. An easy way for a man to update his look is to first find a great fitting pair of denim, opt for a narrower leg and a darker wash ( it can be dressed up or dressed down!)! A t-shirt is fine, but stay away from the free t-shirt you got from a promotional give away, one that wasn’t purchased in the 80’s or 90’s (unless its a vintage rock tee), and one that doesn’t have redneck or drinking references on it! Pair your jeans and tee look with a jacket, a modern blazer, an edgy leather, or a v-neck sweater or cardigan! Lastly, finish it off with a fun stylish sneaker…I especially love the Adidas in the photo on the bottom right! *A special thank you to all the men who allowed me to photograph them and the ones who didn’t know it, I was doing it anyway*