What I want Wednesday

What I want Wednesday

Are Flip-Flops A Shoe Option?


It’s that time of year again when you’re tempted to just throw on those flip-flops and run at the door! Many people ask, is this acceptable footwear or not?? I will blatantly answer this question with this simple answer…FLIP-FLOPS ARE NOT A SHOE OPTION, they are not shoes! They are a flimsy piece of rubber or plastic to serve only for the following purposes;
Going poolside
A trip to the beach
Walking your dog in your yard
Getting the newspaper or mail from the end of your driveway
And with a stretch….a backyard barbecue

Here’s where they are absolutely unacceptable;
A wedding
Walking in a city
On a walk period!
Lunch with the ladies
Dinner out

The obnoxious flippity-flop, clippty-clop sound they make should be a signal to you that they won’t give your body the healthy support it needs, let alone give you a pulled together look!

There is such an array of great foot attire out there to substitute your flops for that will have your feet looking good and feeling good! Here are some alternatives…
Are Flip-Flops A Shoe Option?


Sergio Rossi red shoes

Leather shoes

Gentle Souls leather shoes

Frye flat shoes

Pink shoes
$135 – aspiga.com

DV by Dolce Vita sandals

Lucky leather shoes

Sam Edelman flat shoes

TOMS sandals

Moda In Pelle flat shoes
$69 – psyche.co.uk

Sole Society flat shoes

Ilse Jacobsen Hornbaek cross strap sandals
$60 – question-air.com

Strappy sandals

Express flat shoes

Wide shoes

Flower Power; One Of Spring’s Biggest Trends!

Flower Power; One Of Spring's Biggest Trends!

Jimmy Choo ankle strap high heel sandals
$1,660 – profilefashion.com

Givenchy strappy shoes

Givenchy strappy shoes

Charlotte Olympia floral sandals
$485 – theoutnet.com

Givenchy flower print shoes

Victoria’s Secret sandals

TOMS floral print flat
$45 – office.co.uk

Joules navy blue rain boots
$67 – office.co.uk

Black wedge heel shoes
$47 – newlook.com

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her…

Alright fellas grab your pen or pencil…Valentine’s Day is officially 9 days away and if you haven’t bought her a gift yet you’re going to need to take notes, especially if you want to get it right this year!
So here are my picks for making your special lady feel good and look good…
1. Sexy Lingerie- Whether it be a sexy ensemble or a months worth of panties that will have you paying more attention to her, know that there is nothing more romantic for a girl to know that her guy chose lingerie just for her! This is an opportunity to show her what YOU like!
2. A Luxurious Scarf- You know the kind you would probably be appalled over knowing how much money she spent on it! Loving this Alexander McQueen one!
3. A Great Pair Of Shades- Women love their sunglasses but are often afraid to spend money on a pair (they rather invest in shoes)! So a great, practical gift choice!
4. A Monogramed Piece of Jewelry- Choose a bracelet, necklace, ring, or earrings! A piece of jewelry that she can wear everyday and think of you!
5. Lipstick- She’ll be impressed with this one…the thought of you at a make-up counter? But choose a higher end brand she wouldn’t necessarily buy for herself. My recommendation Chanel in a great red or kissable pink!
6. A Splurge Handbag- That’s if she doesn’t already have one! This red Kate Spade, to me, is a bag you can’t go wrong with. It’s one that won’t sit in her closet and collect dust!
7. A Watch- Whether you choose a classic or something like this fun pink one, know that a watch makes a perfect gift!
8. An Everyday Pair Of Earrings- Like these adorable Kate Spade heart studs. Or go for the gusto and get her diamonds…
9. Perfume- The cliché Valentine’s Day gift… But I love this Musc (no that’s not a misspelling) Oil by Narciso Rodriguez! It will make her smell irresistible!
10. SHOES!- To me, it is the ultimate gift…what woman doesn’t love a new pair of shoes??? If she’s a classic type of gal then the rosebud Prada flats are a good choice, or if she’s a casual type of girl then the Tom’s pink crochet slip ons are perfect, and lastly if she has an appreciation for stilettos then these Valentino lace peep-toes will have her swooning…my personal favorite!
11. An At Home Spa Treatment Given By You- Start with a rose petal foot bath and then pull out all the stops by treating her to a candlelit pedicure given by no one other than yourself! I promise you she will be putty in your hands!
12. A Va Va Voom Red Dress- Buy her a dress that you would love to see her in…I am a fan of anything body hugging no matter what her shape or size, like this Hervé Léger bandage dress!
So there you have it boys a full proof gift list that will guarantee to have your girl be a happy looking good and feeling good valentine!
xo Robin

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Her...

Navajo Inspired Fashion

I sometimes think I was born and raised somewhere out west and my parents forgot to tell me…I love anything that relates to western wear in the fashion world! That’s why I’m so excited that anything Navajo or Southwestern inspired is so in, especially for Spring, Summer, and Fall 2014!!! Think Aztec printed jackets, sweaters, handbags, and scarves for now. Along with Navajo inspired skirts, shorts, tees for later. Add some great beaded sandals, belts, or jewelry for smaller touches. Whatever it is you can’t go wrong! Oh and of course some fabulous cowboy boots will keep you right on trend! xo Robin




Camo For Us Girls!

Camo For Us Girls!

Looking Good in The New Year

Looking Good in The New Year

Bardot tailored shirt
$42 – bardot.com.au


Antonio berardi

Balmain skinny fit jeans

Joseph stretch pants

J Brand mid rise jeans

Rick Owens lace up boots

Isabel marant

Converse shoes

Monica vinader

Looking Good for Back to School

As a mother of two teenagers, and having always been an aspiring fashionista, I completely understand and relate to the needs of a fabulous back to school wardrobe.  For most teenagers, who and what you are is greatly communicated through your clothes, your style.  So parents it is important we let our kids/teenagers have free reign on this expression…don’t fight them, help them. Of course some boundaries and limitations should be formed, mostly budget and appropriateness.  Here are some tips and inspiration for both you parents and teens to make the most out of your back to school shopping…

I do hate saying this, but, first impression is everything.  No matter how much you think it doesn’t matter it does. It has been said that you make your first impression of someone in the first 10 seconds of meeting them! With that I would say go ahead and find that great first day of school outfit…your peers and teachers are definitely going to be sizing you up!

My first piece of advice before taking on a shopping extravaganza, is to clean out the closet. Cleaning out the closet before heading out shopping will help you truly know what you need and what you don’t need. Figure out the items that no longer fit you, you no longer like, or have seen better days and need to be tossed. There are tons of great organizations and shelters that are always looking for donations. If you have items that have never been worn and still have tags on them I strongly suggest eBay. Use the cash to invest in new replacement pieces.

Whether your shopping expedition will take place at Wal-Mart or Bloomingdales, set a budget. Shopping vintage stores and yard sales can be fun and help you save a lot of money.  I love eBay for vintage t-shirts and jackets! For shoe shopping I discovered you can find tons of discount coupons for all the major shoe websites. Keep in mind you don’t have to buy your entire fall/winter wardrobe at once. Spreading it out can be less overwhelming. Remember September and October can still be warm so sweaters and jackets can be purchased a little later.

Most of us have a look or persona we portray.  If you or your teenager hasn’t figured that out yet, explore that. It will help you find clothes you love. Are you Rocker, Feminine, Preppy, Sporty, Artsy, etc.? Find your individuality!

Here are some examples…

Rocker, Edgy…



Now, learn the trends. Trends are a way to be current. This season we are seeing so much in fashion! As always I recommend incorporating whatever trend you love but do not spend a lot! Trends go in and out and it is very likely you will be clearing your closet of these items next year.

Huge, huge!!! Varsity jackets and sweaters…

Motorcycle Jackets, Moto Jackets…

Floral, sorry boys I have to leave you out on this one…

Cardigan Sweaters…

Chambray Shirts…Denim Jackets…


Graphic Print Tees…


Colored Bottoms…

Guys often have a harder time creating their style.  I recommend trying the layered look. Layers add interest and create total functionality…mornings are cold waiting outside for the bus and schools are usually warm.

Adding accessories for guys is also an easy way to create individuality. It’s also a way to add new life to an old outfit.  Try a scarf, an interesting belt, a watch with interchangeable bands, a quirky bow tie (my son has a whole collection!), fun socks, or a pop of color with a bright backpack…

Girls generally have an easier time. But accessories again are fun and easy pieces to add to your look.  Try scarves, belts, stacked bracelets, bright tights, a unique backpack, and anything else you love and are attracted to…

Shoes are so important.  I think it is a requirement to wear a brand new pair on the first day of school, that started back when you were in Kindergarten. So choose something fabulous and comfy! You can even design your own unique pair at www.converse.com

Looking Good for back to school doesn’t have to be about spending a fortune, buying an entire new wardrobe, or stressing over your clothes. It’s about being creative, finding your uniqueness, and being proud of who you are, no matter what that is. Good luck and have a fabulous year!