Swimsuits That Will Give You Confidence

It’s been proven that the most anxiety producing clothing item a woman can shop for is a swimsuit!! Not many women take comfort in buying a garment that has them parading around in public half naked with nothing to hide behind unless they choose to wear a muu-muu? In order to build confidence and feel good about the way you look, it is important to learn what will flatter your body to its fullest potential! Here are my swimsuit picks for common body concerns…

Conceal a large chest- Look for swimsuits that have built in bras, underwire, and adjustable straps. Try a two-Piece suit that you can purchase in your actual bra size, it will actually give you a custom fit that you need. So many companies are doing this now! You want the girls well supported and not sagging, overflowing, spilling, or bulging!



Enhance a small chest- Choose anything that adds volume…ruffles, fringe, padding! Stay away from triangle string bikinis!


Conceal a tummy- If you haven’t thought about ever trying a two-piece, now is the time! High-Waisted two-piece swimwear is all the rage and is a perfect swimsuit choice for those who are looking to hide a belly! Or try one-piece swimsuits with ruching detail, ruching works miracles! Plus, anything that is lighter on top and darker at the mid-section will divert the
eye up and take attention away from your mid-section!


Create a waist- Look for swimsuits with color blocking, and defined definition at the waist! Bikinis are not ideal, but a tight fitted ruched tankini will work!


Elongate short legs- ok, so this is were less is more! Think of the signature Baywatch babe red swimsuit, with the super high cut legs! You want to stay away from heavy fabric on the hip and thigh area! No swim skirts for you ladies!!!!


Here’s to Looking Good and feeling good on the beach!
xo Robin


Retro Inspired Look

Are you in a fashion rut? Or have a hard time shopping or figuring out your style? Then here’s some advice…find inspiration from things you are attracted to. Home decor, a painting, an era, a magazine ad, someone else’s style, etc. When working with clients I encourage them to figure this out by making a mood board with pictures…whether from magazines or their phone, or using Pinterest. Look to see if there is always a color or a style you are attracted to….shades of blue, or red?….or modern, classic, vintage, or casual? In my photo my look was inspired by my obsession and attraction to vintage trailers….I love the retro shades of pastels, and the floral patterns! So take what you love and turn into something you can wear! xo Robin

Retro Inspired Look

Topshop blouse

Vegan purse

Items To Get You Over The Hump…

Items To Get You Over The Hump...

Oasis ruching dress
$47 – debenhams.com

Forever 21 scarve

Overalls Making a Comeback

Overalls Making a Comeback

What to Wear to a Holiday Party…

The ugly Christmas sweater…I want to know can something that was never actually in style go out of style? I guess that’s the beauty of the hideous Christmas sweater? I always tell clients never wear anything that has animated characters or acts as a calendar (sweaters for each Holiday is what I’m talking about here!). But there is something to be said about an Ugly Sweater Party or official Ugly Sweater Day (which is December 20th)…it’s a time to be ridiculous, have fun, and enjoy the festivities… I hope this gives you some inspiration!Here’s to looking ugly!!! xo Robin

What to Wear to a Holiday Party...

Real Men Wear Bow Ties…

Looking good wearing a bow tie….The other night I went to a male dominated party! Out of all the men that were in the room that evening, there was only one person who got my two thumbs up for style! A young man rocking a bow tie! My son Ben has even become a bow tie connoisseur. He wears them everywhere from school, to a special event, or even when playing with his band! To me a man with a bow tie eludes confidence, and style! So go ahead fellas step out of your comfort zone and try a bow tie on, if you dare? xo-Robin

One Shirt 3 Ways

One Shirt 3 Ways

A Happy Rainy Labor Day To You!

A Happy Rainy Labor Day To You!

Monki jacket
$86 – monki.com

MOTHER white jeans

Converse shoes

Hunter bubble umbrella
$61 – bloomingdales.com

What To Wear To A Baseball Game

What To Wear To A Baseball Game

Zoe karssen

H m
$30 – hm.com

Cross body

Kinto Beer Glass

Tuesday Trend; The Skater Skirt

Tuesday Trend; The Skater Skirt

Monki bralet crop top
$20 – monki.com

$15 – hedonia.co.uk

3 1 phillip lim skirt
$620 – net-a-porter.com

Theory short skirt


Lucky brand shoes

H m
$6.13 – hm.com